Our move during Hurricane Sandy

This weekend marked our one year anniversary move in date.  October 27, 2012 was the day we finally moved into our first home. We had just gone through 3 months of home renovations and my husband and I were eager to start living in our new home.  Well, as I mentioned in my about page we live in Northern New Jersey.  A day before we where scheduled to move we learned that New Jersey would be directly hit by Hurricane Sandy.  This, of course, was rough timing and added additional stress to our moving plans. The Move and Preparation for Hurricane … Continue reading

DIY Projects and More

This past week and weekend I was very busy working on some DIY projects at home.  These were projects that had been pending for a while so it was time to tackle them.  Unfortunately, this left me with little time to dedicate to my blog.  Also, I received some good news from my mortgage company. But first let’s talk about my DIY projects. Spackling, Painting and Installing a Closetmaid System: I have a room in the basement that I’ve been meaning to finish off since I moved to my new home last year.  This will be used as our storage … Continue reading

5 ways we trimmed our budget to pay down debt

As I wrote about recently, my home remodeling project was over budget by $33k.  As you can imagine our savings took a big hit due to this and we are a bit house poor at the moment. So this year we had to make some adjustments to our budget in order to pay down the remaining debt quickly. Initial debt pay off strategy At the beginning of 2013 our plan was to use all the extra income from any overtime worked to pay down the extra $18k that we ended up transferring to two 0% credit cards. However, the overtime hours … Continue reading

Lessons Learned in Home Renovations

Last year my husband and I set out to purchase our first home which could either be move in ready or require some home renovations. Our budget was set at $240k and our goal was to find a 3bed/2bath home. Given that prices had come down quite a bit in our area this was completely doable. We had built a healthy nest egg and had been preparing for this purchase for a while. We originally planned on purchasing a home back in 2009 but given the housing bust, economic turmoil and both of us losing our jobs we put that on hold. Fast forward … Continue reading