The Perks of Homeownership

I’ve written a few post lately about things that I’m not too fond of when it comes to being a homeowner.  Writing about the realities of home renovations and surprise repairs can be a little pessimistic though I like sharing my experiences so that others can do better and gain some knowledge from what I have gone through.  But today I want to share the things that I love about having my own home. 🙂 More Space Ah, this one is really the main reason we bought our home in the first place.  We had been renting a one bedroom … Continue reading

Foreign Film Fridays: Mar Adentro

Happy Friday!  I feel like this week flew by for me.  Hope you had a good week. Well, this week I had the chance to rewatch my Foreign Film pick for today, which is: Mar Adentro (The Sea Inside) This is another Oscar winner for Best Foreign Language Film in 2004 representing Spain.  It tells the true life story of Ramon Sampedro.  At 20 years old Ramon became a quadriplegic after suffering a terrible accident while diving in the Ocean.   Twenty-eight years after his accident we find Ramon fighting the Spanish government for his right to end his life … Continue reading

Liebster Award and Other Mentions

It has been a very busy couple of weeks in which I did not have much time to read many of my favorite blogs.  I hope to be getting back on schedule this week.  However, these last few weeks I have been pleasantly surprised to have been mentioned by my fellow bloggers and just last week I received the Liebster Award Nomination from Shannon at Financially Blonde.  Thank you so much.  Below are my answers to her questions. Why did you start blogging? For fun and to share my experiences as a new homeowner.  And to learn from other PF … Continue reading

Foreign Film Fridays: Una Noche

Happy weekend everyone!   As I mentioned before,  I enjoy watching movies and most of all I’m always on the look out for Foreign Films.  My pick for today is:  Una Noche (One Night) This film tells the story of three teenagers in Havana, Cuba.  Two of the teenagers (Elio and Raul) are best friends and have been planning on fleeing Cuba.  But, when Raul is accused of assaulting a tourist his best friend Elio speeds up the process of fleeing for Miami in a makeshift raft.  Elio’s twin sister (Lila) knows the best friends are up to something and … Continue reading

Cyber Security Is Very Much Like Home Security

This is a Guest Post. The author of this blog, who is a good friend of mine, asked me to write a little bit about cyber security. I am a full-time Cyber Security Manager and Consultant at a Fortune 100 company, I wasn’t always a security guy; I was a Software Engineer and Manager for many years.  Spent a long time building computer systems and now I spend my days and evenings trying to keep them safe and secure. Cyber Security in The News There are zillions of news stories about cyber security all over the internet, TV, newspapers and magazines … Continue reading