Foreign Film Fridays: Maria Llena Eres de Gracia

My Foreign Film series continues this week with one that I personally own. Maria Llena Eres de Gracia (Maria Full of Grace) This film is from Colombia.  It tells the story of Maria, a Colombian teenager,  who decides to become a drug mule to help her family financially.  In exchange for a handsome sum of money and a trip to New York City Maria has to swallow over 60 pellets of heroin.   I’ve heard many stories of drug mules in the news and I always wondered what would lead someone to make this choice. As the subtitle suggests, this … Continue reading

Uncommon Things to consider while House Hunting

Last week I wrote about my home related projects and how I will have to pay over $3,000 to replace a retaining wall in my property.  This got me to thinking, if I knew then what I know now would I have passed on this house?  To be honest, I didn’t consider this when I was in the market to buy.  I mean, who’s thinking about retaining walls when they’re house hunting? If you’re buying a fixer upper, like I did, you probably expect to be making the typical updates, remodeling the kitchen, bathrooms and flooring.  However, as a first … Continue reading

Foreign Film Fridays: Cinema Paradiso

Today I’m continuing my Foreign Film Series.  As I mentioned last week, my husband and I enjoy watching movies at home every weekend.  We always check out the list of Foreign Films either on Netflix or HBOGo.  So, I thought it would be a fun way to start off the weekend. I do want to mention that while I love HBOGo we will be re-evaluating our cable options in the Fall.  We may end up with an antenna for local channels and a Roku box (affiliate link) for streaming Netflix.  But for now we enjoy getting HBOGo included with our discounted cable … Continue reading

2014 Goals: Progress Report

Well, here we are again preparing to dig out of our 13th winter snow storm in the Northeast!  I’m hoping we don’t have to call our buddy to help us dig out again with his backhoe.  The snow storm was cancelled….Yay!  We woke up to NOT a single flake.  That hasn’t happened all winter season.  😉 I received my gas and electric bill last week and I didn’t even want to look at.  Eventually I did, it was $50 more than usual.  So far this winter we have had additional expenses of $185 and we have spent approximately 36 hours shoveling snow! … Continue reading