Jury Duty and Lawn Weeds

Jury Duty This week I’m attending Jury Duty.  Actually, my first day was today.  I was not called for any trials so it was a pretty boring day.  I, however, was pleasantly surprised that the courthouse is completely brand new and now they have a multi car parking deck.  In doors it was very nice too, with plenty of rooms to spread out and a separate computer room for those who want to work.   At first, we were all packed in one room like sardines in order to complete the orientation but then we were able to spread out … Continue reading

HBO and Amazon Prime Join Forces

I am a huge fan of HBO Go.  They have great content with award winning shows such as The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, The Wire and more.  Ever since they launched this app I knew it was a winner.  Who doesn’t like to have access to their favorite HBO series anytime they wish? Plus they have some pretty good foreign films and documentaries as well.  The app is a home run and I have been hoping they make this app into a stand alone as I would happily pay $8/month for it. This week HBO and Amazon announced that they have … Continue reading

Do you Save for the things you Want?

We all want things whether it is to travel, a home, a car, etc. How many people do you know who actually save to buy the things that they want? Homes A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a couple who is now selling their home after owning it for just one year.  I’m really not sure if they saved or not to purchase the home but I know they only put 5% down to purchase it.  In the end, that couple started to hate their high mortgage payment and ended up with buyer’s remorse.  I know it’s hard to … Continue reading

Car Insurance: How I’m Saving $428

A couple months ago I finally had it with my car insurance bill from State Farm.  In the past year my bill had gone up by $300 and for no good reason.  We are safe drivers with no driving violations ever and we don’t put very much mileage on our cars.  So I decided to call my agent. Dealing with State Farm When I spoke to my State Farm agent he didn’t have much to say other than, “oh rates have gone up in the state and there is really nothing I can do. If you want you can install … Continue reading

Home Buyers Remorse: Selling after one year

A few weeks ago I heard that a couple I know put their home up for sale after just one year of becoming homeowners. They bought a home in the same town as me a few months after I did. They were first time home buyers as well. Their home was a short sale and had several offers on the table but they were still able to buy it at a low price which appeared to be a great deal for them.   I started wondering what happened? Why are they selling so soon?  I found out later that they … Continue reading