Around the House: My Favorite Things

The unofficial start of Summer has arrived and it seemed that everyone was preparing their homes for the season this past weekend.  One of the things we had to do was install our window air conditioners as the temperature rose to 80+.  Last year we had a family member help us with it and we just kind of watched.  This year we did it our selves and it was a bit tricky at first but then I said, “we should look for a video on You Tube”.  Sure enough there were quite a few.  Below are the two videos that … Continue reading

Consuming Less in Moderation = Living Longer

I recently  wrote about spending less and my happiness level.  In that post I mentioned that I am happy spending less and the key to my happiness was keeping a balance in my spending.  What I mean is that I didn’t  cut everything fun out of my budget I just spend less in each category. And so I’m still able to enjoy the fun things in moderation. After writing this post I watched a 60 minutes report about the 90+ study.  The study follows the lives of men and women in their 90s to determine what allowed them to live into their … Continue reading

Has Spending Less Changed My Happiness Level?

It all began almost two years ago when my husband and I became first time homeowners.  Before that we had always rented.  Our last rental included everything except for electricity so our monthly living expenses were low.  We had plenty of discretionary income to enjoy life’s little luxuries.  However, we grew tired of renting and we decided the time was right for us to buy. We bought a fixer upper that needed some work and we were fine with that.  As you may know, once you start breaking down walls you never know what you will find.  Well, we quickly … Continue reading

May Progress Report and $883 in Monthly Savings

Every couple of months I check up on my 2014 Goals to see how I’m doing.  My main goals where to reduce expenses and save to fund our 2015 emergency fund. Reduce Expenses So far we’ve been able to reduce our cell phone bill, car insurance, landscaping and groceries for a total reduction of $363/month. Groceries The grocery bill was one of the goals I listed in January and so far it’s going well.  We’re getting closer to reducing the monthly bill by $150/month.  In March and April we saved a total of $221 which is a higher savings than the January and … Continue reading