We Want You Back!

Earlier this year I left Verizon Wireless for prepaid cellular service.  Now a few months later Verizon Wireless says they want me back!  I received a promotion for a $45 cellular plan from them.  This got me to thinking why they couldn’t offer this to me when I decided to leave? What is frustrating is that they could have kept me as a customer if they had only offered this deal before I left rather than telling me, “no, we can’t offer you a better deal”.  In the end they didn’t care about retaining me as a customer.  I meant … Continue reading

HBO Going Solo: Shaking up the Cable Business Model

I was thrilled today to hear that HBO has finally decided to detach itself from Cable and is going solo in 2015.  This means that they will be offering HBO as a streaming only option just like Netflix or Amazon Prime.  Yay!  Ever since I committed to lowering my expenses this year I’ve been really hoping that HBO would make this move.  Why?  Because I’ve been considering cutting the cord but I would really miss HBO with excellent shows such as Games of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, and more recently True Detectives, and did I mention the excellent foreign films? Many people … Continue reading

October Progress Report: 3rd Quarter Results

Hi All, Sorry, I’ve been M.I.A around here.  Life got a little hectic and I just didn’t get around to blogging or commenting much this past month.   I’ll be working on a few requested posts from my readers regarding being a Caregiver and I also got a few requests to update the post I wrote about Page Plus Cellular.  So, I’ll be working on those for you.  But today I’m back to provide an update on my 2014 financial goals. Let’s get to it. Reduce Expenses Groceries – My average grocery bill from July to September was $553.88.  This includes house items … Continue reading