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The unofficial start of Summer has arrived and it seemed that everyone was preparing their homes for the season this past weekend.  One of the things we had to do was install our window air conditioners as the temperature rose to 80+.  Last year we had a family member help us with it and we just kind of watched.  This year we did it our selves and it was a bit tricky at first but then I said, “we should look for a video on You Tube”.  Sure enough there were quite a few.  Below are the two videos that really helped us out.

This one shows you how to install a window AC

and this one was really more helpful for how to seal those tiny cracks so that the cool air does not escape your home.

I’m always impressed with all the great tutorials you can find on You Tube.  We had no idea that you could buy weather proofing tape at the home improvement store to help seal those tiny cracks.

We’ve been homeowners for almost two years now.  As you know or can imagine there’s always tools and small equipment that every homeowner needs to buy to maintain their home. So I decided to share some of the things we’ve bought that have been great so far.

Flood lights

We bought flood lights to light up the driveway and backyard at night.  These flood lights have been great and light up the entire property.  They are pretty simple to install and operate.  We’ve had these for almost a year with no issues.


Last year in May we were having problems with high humidity in our basement.  We started looking for a dehumidifier and many of them were very expensive.  We were lucky to find this one on Amazon for a very good price.  It does a great job at keeping our basement nice and dry during those humid months.


We just purchased this ladder and I have to say we are very impressed with it.  It can transform into several different styles to use all around the house.  No need to buy 3 or 4 types of ladder as you can have all in one with the Little Giant.  We bought ours from QVC for about $200 but they also have it available on Amazon.

Shelves for the Shed or Garage

We did some spring cleaning in our shed a couple of weeks ago and we decided to buy some shelves to better organize our shed.  We found these nicely priced shelves that work great and are super easy to assemble.  They save us lots of room in our shed.  These shelves are sold at the Home Depot and cost about $50.  Click here to see the specifics.

The best part was that after cleaning up we found some plumbing pipes and tubes that our contractor had bought just in case but never used them. So, we cleaned them all up and returned them for an $80 store credit, even after almost 2 years of being in the shed.  So, never throw anything away.  You can always return it for a store credit, especially at the big Orange.  They’re pretty good about that.

hdx shelves









I’m always looking for favorite things around the house that other homeowners are happy with.  What are some of the items you’ve purchase that have been great finds?  What did you do this past weekend to prepare for Summer?

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  1. Ahhh home ownership, there are so many things you need. We find that borrowing infrequently used tools/equipment helps cut down on costs. We borrow from neighbors, friends or family. We always make a point of bringing things back in perfect condition or full with gas or with a gift card if it’s an item that wears easily. This way we’ll always be able to borrow stuff in the future.
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  2. I was actually just saying to my hubby the other night that I really liked the floodlights we had outside of our home as our dinner guests walked out and the whole area was lit for them. And I love the ladder that you showed. We just have a standard ladder, but could definitely use one with some more height for outdoor projects.
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    • This ladder is really great because of all the variations you can turn it into. My husband especially likes the 90 degree angle feature where it puts you right against a wall if you need to hang picture or for outside if you need to trim tall hedges.

  3. Nice job on returning everything and getting a store credit out of it! My parents did that with their bathroom renovation as we had leftover tiles. I’ve seen a lot of people use little solar lights to decorate their walkways, but I think floodlights are a great idea if you have a long driveway on a dark street. There seem to be a lot of homes like that around here. I always wonder how they can find their driveway!
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    • We had those little solar lights too but after 1 year they started dying. We don’t need them anymore after buying these lights. They’re perfect for our long driveway and side yard. They even reach part of the back yard. We’re lucky that the one street light on our street is right in front of our house. So we don’t need to light up the front of the house.

  4. Flood lights are great! We have three motion-sensor lights on our property, but only one works. Thankfully it’s the one in front of the garage, though the timer is messed up. I bought a new one on Amazon and will replace it within the next few weeks. I also found battery-operated single flood-sensor lights (they actually are LED) that work awesome. I installed three very easily and definitely saved us on having to pay an electrician to install new ones that are broken (they are VERY high up so I don’t feel comfortable replacing them myself. We’ll pay to have them replaced before we put out house on the market (hopefully not for years!) but for now it works well.

    Ordering a ladder on Amazon was a HUGE win imo. I love that I didn’t have to worry about transporting it. I plan on buying a second ladder on there this Summer.
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    • We also have flood lights that light up the back yard and those are a little sketchy. They only work when they feel like it. We’ll have to replace them one of these days but for now these light up the property pretty good. I love buying these hard to carry items online. It’s a great convenience to get them delivered to your door steps.

    • Amazon is an excellent resource especially for items you don’t want to transport yourself. What’s better than having something delivered to your front door? I also like QVC as I mentioned. I found the ladder while watching one of there backyard shows. They have some good stuff for around the house.

  5. Well we haven’t bought much for the house recently and I kinda hope it stays that way for some time : ) I did buy flowers and plant them in two different containers. It was a fun and easy project. Now my patio looks ready for summer!
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    • I know, these small tools and equipment can add up quickly. We still need to get a hose reel and then a snowblower. That will be it for this year. Next year we’ll have other things to buy. We’re trying space the purchases out so it’s not such a big hit to our budget.

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