Cell Phones and Sump Pumps

Cell PhonesAs I wrote about in my Lesson Learned in 2013 post this year we plan on making the switch from Verizon Wireless to another cell phone provider as our contracts are up and we are paying way to much for their service.  I got some great tips from readers on which plans to consider which I shared with you here. We have now made our choices on which plans we will be switching to. But first here’s an update on the sump pump situation.

Update on the Sump Pump

Last week I wrote about the growing pains of homeownership and I mentioned that we had brewing situation with the sump pump.  Well, we had a waterproofing company come to check it out and unfortunately the sump pump had in fact died.  We had a couple of options which they outlined for us. Option 1, We could go to home depot and purchase the same sump pump and install it ourselves for about $300 or option 2 they could supply and install a more efficient and longer lasting sump pump for $750.  So we decided to go with the professionals on this one.

The reason behind going with the pros is that obviously we don’t know how to install a sump pump.  I guess we could have looked for videos on you tube to learn.  However, we have a finished basement and my husband has built a home theater down there. Therefore, we didn’t want to risk doing a shoddy job with the sump pump installation and run the risk of having all that home theater equipment ruined by a possible flood in our basement.  They also installed new piping for the sump pump which had been done badly by the previous owner.

In the end, even though it was painful to have another home repair cost hit our bank account, we felt more comfortable paying the pros on this one. By the way, Holly from Club Thrifty wrote an article on Get Rich Slowly this past week which touched on this very point.  In this article Holly discusses home remodeling and when you can’t (or don’t want to) DIY.  You can check it out here.

Now on to our cell phone plan choices.

Republic Wireless

As I mentioned previously my husband has decided that he will be trying out Republic Wireless powered by Sprint.   Unfortunately, we did not win the MotoXGiveAway contest that Republic Wireless was running so we will be purchasing the phone this week. The phone costs $299 and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  They offer a hybrid calling system where you can make calls via wi-fi and when wi-fi is not available it switches to the Sprint network.  My husband is a big fan of Motorola.  He currently has the Motorola Droid Bionic so now that Republic is offering the Moto X it was an appealing option for him and the rates are excellent.  I’ve also read many reviews from others in the blogosphere that they are happy with the service.  I will write-up about his experience in a couple of weeks.

Page Plus Cellular

I on the other hand have decided to give Page Plus Cellular (PPC) a try.  PPC is a prepaid cellular company that is powered by Verizon.  Therefore, Verizon phones work on their network.  I didn’t want to purchase another phone so I figured I have nothing to lose by giving PPC a try.  I currently have an iPhone 4s that is still in excellent condition.  I don’t know anyone who has tried PPC but I’ve read in different forums that people are happy with their service and they love the savings especially. However, some have complained about the lack of customer service but I also heard that if you go through an authorized dealer your experience could be better.  I will be making the switch this week as my monthly billing cycle with Verizon is about to end.  I will write-up about my experience in a couple of weeks.

Do you know anyone who has tried Page Plus Cellular?

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Cell Phones and Sump Pumps — 24 Comments

    • That is true DC. My sister had to put in the draining system in her basement and it cost her $4000. Not too bad of a price compared to what you described. She has no worries now.

    • So glad you mentioned the great service. I was a little worried about that. I’m making the switch today!

  1. I’d never heard of a sump pump (just a little ol’ renter) so it was interesting to learn about that!

    Republic Wireless seems to be sweeping the PF community. I’m a loyal Verizon user and still on a family plan so it’s cost-effective. Well, the family is actually on my plan because I lived (back) in America first so it is all in my name. We each chip in our portion of the bill each month and all go on our merry ways.
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    • I just made the switch to PPC. I will be paying $29.95. My last bill from Verizon for my phone only was $118! So far so good with PPC. I will be writing about my experience in a few weeks. I’m glad you learned about sump pumps. It’s one of those things homeowners dread especially if they stop working!

  2. I think it’s smart to go with two different cell providers. I use RW and my husband is with Verizon. We didn’t want to both jump into RW in case it didn’t work out (thankfully it has).

    • We thought the same thing. We want to see how it works out with different providers and since there is not contract we can leave whenever we want. The only downside to RW is the phone only works in their network but we have 30 days to decide if it’s going to work or not. Thanks for stopping by.

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  4. Good decision on going with the pros, handling something like a sump pump can not only be a drag and complex, but also can smell and be pretty nasty.

    Did you use Yelp or some other website to find the waterproofing company?