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This past week and weekend I was very busy working on some DIY projects at home.  These were projects that had been pending for a while so it was time to tackle them.  Unfortunately, this left me with little time to dedicate to my blog.  Also, I received some good news from my mortgage company. But first let’s talk about my DIY projects.

Spackling, Painting and Installing a Closetmaid System:

I have a room in the basement that I’ve been meaning to finish off since I moved to my new home last year.  This will be used as our storage room.  The problem was it had some holes from some shoddy shelving the previous owner had installed.  So I needed to spackle the holes, paint and install new shelves for additional storage.

This was my first time spackling so I wanted to learn how to use the hawk and trowel.  I had asked my contractor last year to show me the technique so I had some knowledge but I needed a refresher. I went on you tube and found some great videos.  That part took 2 days as you have to let the spackle dry overnight and then sand it.  Next, I proceeded to paint the room, which took another 2 days, and finally I installed a closetmaid system I bought at Home Depot.  I have installed about 5 of these systems throughout my house and they are great. I finally finished this project last night!  The total cost was $200.  Most of that was for the cost of the closetmaid system which is a bit expensive but the system will allow me to create 2 separate storage sections in the basement.  I love organization so this is something that is completely worth it to me.

Mortgage News:

Well, my mortgage company performed its annual escrow analysis and informed me that I had an escrow surplus in my account.  A check is in the mail for $478 and my mortgage payments are going down by $72 next year. Yay!  Now, I know this all has to do with property values in my town going down but I know eventually they will be increasing.  So for now I celebrate the break I’m getting and use that money towards paying off some of the credit card debt I incurred last year from my home renovation projects




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    • I was never into DIY projects until I bought my house. Since then I have really gotten into it and my husband helps out with the drill. We have always been apartment dwellers so we knew nothing about homes but we have learned many skills since becoming homeowners.

    • Hi Jefferson, thanks for stopping by. I agree with you on the spackling. Actually, my contractor stopped by yesterday and I showed him my work. He was happy to see I did it myself but also gave me some pointers as to how to do it better the next time around. Ha! It’s not exactly as smooth as his work. I’m better at installing the closetmaid units but it’s all about learning when you’re a new homeowner so I’ll keep practicing to see what I can improve. 🙂

    • Hi Holly, Thanks for stopping by. It’s our first year as homeowners so we are just learning about escrow analysis and adjustments. It was a very nice surprise.