My Favorite Gifs of the World Cup So Far

It has been 2 weeks since the World Cup started and I can’t believe how fast time has gone by. I have to say it has been a very entertaining tournament filled with surprises and disappointments.  I can’t believe Spain was eliminated in the first round!

As the Group Round comes to an end in the 2014 World Cup  I have put together my favorite Gifs so far.

I’m looking forward to watching the journey of that one team who will take it all.  Who will it be? Nobody knows but I’ve seen a few teams that have what it takes.  The Netherlands is one of them. So I’m starting off with the best goal of the 2014 World Cup so far.

Van Persie Goal.  As they say on Univision, Golazo, Golazo, Golazoooooo!

(The Nederlands vs Spain)

Neymar denied by Ochoa.  Amazing Performance by Ochoa in this game.

(Mexico vs Brazil)

Clint Dempsey’s fastest goal scored by an American in a World Cup!

(USA vs Ghana)

Lionel “La Pulga” Messi surrounded by 5 Bosnia Defenders.  Unstoppable! 

(Argentina vs Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Colombia – The Best Celebration by a Team.  A little Salsa Dance…. I like it! 😉

(Colombia vs Ivory Coast)

Mexico Team Coach Miguel Herrera takes the prize for the most entertaining

celebrations by a coach.

Gifs by: Giphy

I hope you’ve been enjoying the World Cup so far.  There are some great games lined up for this weekend.  I think the Nederlands, Brazil, Costa Rica and Colombia will move forward to the Quarter Finals.  Followed by France, Argentina, Germany and I’m rooting for the USA but they have to do much better than what I’ve seen so far.  The competition is fierce!


Who do you think will move forward to the Quarter Finals?



My Favorite Gifs of the World Cup So Far — 11 Comments

  1. These are awesome Raquel!!!!! The Van Persie goal to me still seems like it is fake. It is unbelievable. When you see video and gifs like this, I don’t know how anyone could say soccer is not exciting. Just look at the Mexican coach for confirmation. 🙂
    Shannon @ Financially Blonde recently posted…Top Ten World Cup GoalsMy Profile

    • I know, what’s not to love is what I say? I showed the Van Persie goal to my husband and he couldn’t believe it. The fact that the ball was passed from so far back and he made that goal was impressive to say the least. The Nederlands is on fire with Robben as well.

  2. Miguel Herrera is so entertaining! There’s a lot of good teams and the US will need to step it up if they want to get to the quarterfinals. I think they have a good chance in their next game but there are some REALLY great teams in the tournament and it’ll be fun to see who moves on.

    Hope you have a great weekend!
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…4 Steps to Manage Your Busy Work LifeMy Profile

    • Miguel Herrera has become my favorite coach. He does not hold back and has a great relationship with his players. I hope they can win against The Nederlands but that is going to be tough with Van Persie and Robben to contend with.

    • Oh Germany came on with guns blazing vs Portugal. I also think the goal Ronaldo made against the USA was great too. It kinda was lost because it was such a shocker and at the end of the game but he was so precise with that pass. Too bad he was injured and couldn’t perform at his very best. It would have been exciting to watch.

  3. Yeah, I like rooting for the underdog as well but I know the pressure of the tournament can get to them. I’m sad Mexico is out but the Nederlands is a tough team to beat. I see Colombia is very strong but I do love Brazil and always root for them. Should be an exciting match up.

    It’s nice to see so many people watching the World Cup.

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