Foreign Film Fridays: Cinema Paradiso

Today I’m continuing my Foreign Film Series.  As I mentioned last week, my husband and I enjoy watching movies at home every weekend.  We always check out the list of Foreign Films either on Netflix or HBOGo.  So, I thought it would be a fun way to start off the weekend.

I do want to mention that while I love HBOGo we will be re-evaluating our cable options in the Fall.  We may end up with an antenna for local channels and a Roku box (affiliate link) for streaming Netflix.  But for now we enjoy getting HBOGo included with our discounted cable service.  I actually wish HBO offered this app separately without having to have access to cable just like Netflix or Hulu Plus.  I think the app is excellent and they have a nice library of original HBO content and movies that are not available on the HBO channels or on Demand.  I would happily pay $8 a month for this app.

Moving on to this weeks Foreign Film, I chose another Academy Award Winner.

Cinema Paradiso

This film is from Italy, and won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1990.  Italy ranks first among countries that have won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.  They just won again this past Sunday for La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty).  I cannot wait to check that one out.

Cinema Paradiso (affiliate link)  is a sweet film about a boy who loves movies.  He spends his days sneaking off to watch movies at the local cinema where he becomes friendly with the projectionist, an older man who in the beginning has very little patience for this young mischievous boy.  Eventually the projectionist becomes very fond of his little friend and he shares many stories of life and movies with him.

When the boy becomes a teenager he falls madly in love with a young girl that comes into town but she soon has to leave and the boy is heart-broken.  His old buddy advises him that he should go out, see the world and never look back.  He wants the young boy to follow his dreams of becoming a film maker and not to get stuck in the small town like the old man did.

This film is funny, endearing and melancholic.  A testament of true friendship and unselfishness.  I loved it! It is currently available on Netflix and you can watch the trailer on

Enjoy the film and enjoy your weekend.


Foreign Film Fridays: Cinema Paradiso — 9 Comments

  1. Oh how l loved this movie when l saw it years ago!!! So sweet. Thanks for the reminder to check it out again. I also can’t wait to see “the great beauty”. It looks good.

    • Yeah, we may go that route too once our cable contract is up. We’re paying about $30 with HBO and Showtime thrown in for free but I know it will go up once my deal is over in October.

    • I was reading an article about this yesterday. The president of HBO was asked about offering the app separately and he basically said for now it does not make business sense to do so because there are only 9 million broadband users vs 70 million cable users. But he did say they could do it in the future as they would hate to leave money on the table. This reminds me of Blackberry and their BBM instant messenger. I would say bbm is the best instant messenger out there but it was only available on blackberries and we all know what happened to that company. They have finally rolled the bbm program to android and iphones but I think they want to keep reviving the blackberry! People have moved on. No one is going back to the blackberry. I say give the people what they want(BBM, HBOGo)or people will move on and forget about your awesome product.

  2. That’s a good time to catch what’s on HBO. I rarely watch movies on the actual HBO Channels I have. I’m hoping they will see the light soon and make HBOGo available as a stand alone. Broadband and streaming is the future.