Foreign Film Fridays: Una Noche

Happy weekend everyone!   As I mentioned before,  I enjoy watching movies and most of all I’m always on the look out for Foreign Films.  My pick for today is:

 Una Noche (One Night)

This film tells the story of three teenagers in Havana, Cuba.  Two of the teenagers (Elio and Raul) are best friends and have been planning on fleeing Cuba.  But, when Raul is accused of assaulting a tourist his best friend Elio speeds up the process of fleeing for Miami in a makeshift raft.  Elio’s twin sister (Lila) knows the best friends are up to something and she soon figures it out.  This is another story you hear about many times in the news.  People risking their lives on makeshift rafts looking for a better life in the United States.

The director of this film, Lucy Mulloy, trained at NYU with Spike Lee and spent many years in Cuba doing research for the film.  She was able to find untrained actors to take on the lead roles.  It’s really incredible how these three actors shine in their first acting roles ever with absolutely no training….Amazing!

Una Noche was a big hit at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2012 where it won three awards for Best Director, Best Actor (shared by the two male lead actors) and Best Cinematography.

This film is currently available on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.  Watch the trailer here.

Enjoy the film and enjoy the weekend.

PS:  Also check out the HBO Documentary Paycheck to Paycheck about the day to day challenges of working poor women in America.  It’s available for Free on until March 24th.  I have not seen it yet but it should be interesting.


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