My Frugal Christmas Tree

I’m not very big on Christmas decorations but I usually put a pre-lit Christmas Tree.  Last year, when we moved into our new home,  I decided I should update my 10-year-old 3.5 foot Christmas tree so I put my brother-in-law, who loves to decorate for Christmas, to the task.  He goes all out for Christmas by decorating in and outside the house so he really knows his stuff and when to get the good deals.

Of course, I didn’t want to pay top dollar for my tree so he suggested I buy one in the after Christmas Sales.  He kept an eye for me at all the different stores and when the time was right he was able to get me a 6.5 foot pre-lit Christmas tree for under $10 at Walmart!  The tree was originally $39.00 but in January it went on sale for 75% off so I paid $9.75.  I was thrilled and stored it in my shed for the year.

Frugal Christmas Tree

My new Christmas Tree

Yesterday I sent my husband to retrieve our Christmas tree while I was getting my little table ready to put up my 3.5 foot tree. When he came in the house I noticed the box was bigger so I was a little confused as to why the box said it was 6.5 foot. It was then that I remembered I had bought this new tree.  I still had the receipt tucked into the side of the box.  I was so happy to discover that I had taken advantage of the after Christmas sales and now I could a enjoy my new tree.

I love these kind of trees because they are pre-lit and they come in 3 parts.  It took me about twenty minutes to get it up and ready to go. It’s so convenient and easy to put up and take down.

The only thing missing are new decorations but I think it will do just fine for now.  Maybe I’ll swing by the dollar store to see what I can find to embellish my Christmas tree just a little this year.  Hopefully, they still have some items available.  Then, in January,  I can get all sorts of beautiful things in the after Christmas sales and save a ton of money. My brother-in-law who found this tree for me has a beautiful tree this year and was able to update it with new decorations that he bought at 75% off last January.  You would never know by looking at his tree that all the items were bought at such low prices.   I also plan to buy a few more items on sale for my front door and front yard at the January sales.

So, my recommendation to you is don’t run out to spend all sorts of money on Christmas decorations now.  Wait until the after Christmas sales.  Usually in the first week of January everything is at 75% off or more and you will be able to reap the rewards next Christmas when you discover all the Christmas treasures you were able to get at huge savings.

What other frugal Christmas treasures have you been able to find?

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My Frugal Christmas Tree — 24 Comments

    • Yes, it was quick and easy. Plus since I had forgotten about it, it really made my day to discover the savings I had achieved earlier in the year!

  1. Even though I sometimes think of decorations or things that would be “nice to have” before the Christmas decorations go on sale, I almost always wait until after Christmas to load up on decorations. You really can’t beat the discounts. That’s a pretty frugal Christmas tree! Mine is definitely not frugal as I bought a live one for about $40.
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  2. Pre-lit tree…75% off…I want one! As far as what I’ve been able to find…I got a dresser at a holiday sale for 50% off, Christmas decorations on Amazon for a steal…what else…well, that’s it for now! I’ll see ya around!
    Joshua R. recently posted…Is It Time To Start Investing?My Profile

  3. yay for frugal trees! This year we didn’t get a tree because it seemed like too much work (we don’t have kids and nobody is coming for the holidays, so we just got out our other decorations and called it “good”.). I’m always on the hunt for deals, so if I see a cheap artifical tree in the post-Christmas clearance this year I’m going to grab it.
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    • I know what you mean. We don’t have kids either and that is why I used to have a small 3.5 foot tree for many years. Some years we would also just put out small decorations and not the tree, But last year being that we had our new home I wanted to update the tree.

    • Hi Laurie, Thanks for stopping by. It looks like you still got 75% off on your tree also just the original price point was higher than ours. Those after Christmas sales are a steal.

    • Hi Andrew, Thanks for stopping by. Yes, on my tree you can. It comes with extra bulbs too.

    • Hi Dave, Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comment. We try what we can to save a little money.