Goals: What I expect to accomplish here

I’ve learned through the years that I stay more motivated when I have an established plan and setup some goals for myself.  So, now that I actually took the plunge to start this blog it’s time to focus on what I really want to accomplish here.  Hopefully, I will gain readers along the way and this will also inform them what this site is all about.


  1. Share Information:  I enjoy reading stories about how other people have solved challenges in their lives. Though I’m not an expert or professional in finances (see my disclaimer) I believe there is value in learning from real life experiences. So my first goal is to share my personal experiences in hopes of helping others who are possibly going through something similar.  My tagline and intro post mention that I will be focusing on homeownership as that is a big topic in my life right now but I plan to write about other money matters as well.
  2. Gain Knowledge:  I want to learn from my readers and from my fellow bloggers in the community about different topics in their personal financial lives.  Knowledge is power and I will always seek it out.
  3. Become a Resource:  I would love for this site to become a resource for my readers. A place where readers can find real and practical information. A place where we can help each other.
  4. Improve my writing: When I started college I was not the best writer but with practice I became better.  When I graduated I was much improved.  However, I’ve always worked in the corporate world so my writing tends to be very business like.  I want to become more casual with it.
  5. Earn a little money:  I’ll be honest that I would like to figure out how to monetize this site. It would be a huge accomplishment if I can earn enough to pay for the cost of it.
  6. Enjoy the experience:  If it’s not fun then why continue to do it?  I want to enjoy this new venture and feel good about what I’m doing and see the growth as time goes on.

So, there they are, my goals for this new venture.  I may come back and add more goals along the way but for now I think this is a good start.  In the coming weeks and months this will be a work in progress as I figure out how to accomplish each of these goals.

I look forward to being part of this community and connecting with others in the blogosphere through this blog.  I’m excited about the experience and gaining new knowledge, skills, friends and most importantly readers.  I hope you visit often and share the information you find here.

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