HBO and Amazon Prime Join Forces

I am a huge fan of HBO Go.  They have great content with award winning shows such as The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, The Wire and more.  Ever since they launched this app I knew it was a winner.  Who doesn’t like to have access to their favorite HBO series anytime they wish? Plus they have some pretty good foreign films and documentaries as well.  The app is a home run and I have been hoping they make this app into a stand alone as I would happily pay $8/month for it.

This week HBO and Amazon announced that they have signed a deal that will allow HBO content (3 years or older) to be streamed on Amazon Prime (starting May 21).  I was thrilled to hear this news.  Even though I don’t have Amazon Prime yet it is a good sign that HBO is moving in the right direction when it comes to making HBO content available outside of the obligatory cable subscription.

I know HBO has been keeping a close eye on broadband users vs cable users.  In fact, HBO president recently said that for now it does not make business sense to offer the HBO Go app separately  because there are only 9 million broadband users vs 70 million cable users. But he did say they could do it in the future as they would hate to leave money on the table. I guess this is their way of testing the waters and I’m happy that they are taking this first step. After all, this is what people want.  Moving forward, more and more people will be dropping expensive cable subscriptions for online streaming options.  I know some of my family and friends are growing tired of the high cost of cable. When you have such a great app you don’t want to be left behind.

I had commented previously that I would hate to see the HBO Go app go down like Blackberry and their BBM instant messenger. I would say BBM was the best instant messenger out there but it was only available on blackberries and we all know what happened to that company. They have finally rolled the BBM program to android and iphones but I think they want to keep reviving the blackberry! People have moved on. No one is going back to the blackberry.

I say give the people what they want or they will move on and forget about your awesome product.

I’ll definitely be considering an Amazon Prime subscription after this announcement.  How about you?



HBO and Amazon Prime Join Forces — 24 Comments

    • The Sopranos will always be a classic and even more so now that the great James Gandolfini has passed.

    • Yeah, it’s a little disappointing that the agreement is for 3 years or older content but it’s still excellent content. I recommend you check out Six Feet Under. That is one of my all time favorite shows that many people didn’t get to watch.

    • Having access to HBO content without paying for a cable subscription is a good move for consumers. Hopefully, they’ll see the success and will take a bigger leap next time.

    • I think a supplement to Netflix is more likely for me. But Amazon and HBO are moving in the right direction. 😉

  1. OMG!!!!!!! You seriously made my week!! I hadn’t heard this, but this is the greatest news. I have had Amazon Prime and didn’t care about the raise it rates because I like it better than Netflix and now I love it even more. I always seem to be a few years behind on popular shows anyway, so it works for me.
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    • Oh, great. I’m glad. This news makes that increase a little better to take for sure.

    • I’ve been thinking about amazon prime but some people complain about the content not being that great so I was very happy to hear about this deal.

  2. Amazon hit it out of the park, because everybody is talking about this deal. The wife has amazon prime, and I am interested in finally beginning season 1 of Game of thrones. Also remember prime includes free shipping on products you need and free books on a kindle app.
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    • I agree. It’s a pretty nice deal. Regarding the free books, do you have to have an actual kindle device to qualify?

    • Yeah, I’ve been considering cutting the cord as well but I have not done so yet. I have one show that I want to finish for sure before cutting the cord and that would be Mad Men. I really have no loyalties beyond that show.

  3. I was pretty stoked about this news as well!.. We are very happy Amazon Prime customers and used to be big fans of a variety of HBO shows..

    I really want to see Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley, but can’t get myself to spring for the high subscription rate of HBO itself ($20/month with my provider). I know that Prime wont be getting those shows right away, but they will eventually!
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    • I think season 1 of Game of Thrones will be available this year but you’ll have to wait for the others.