The Growing Pains of Homeownership

Growing Pains of HomeownershipThe Snow Storms

My homeownership experience this week has been all about worrying. We have been dealing with the wild swing in temperatures including the extreme polar vortex as many of you have.   It’s only the 3rd week of winter and we’ve already had five snowstorms! We don’t have a snow blower so we have been shoveling all of it and I’m pretty much done with it. We also ran out of all the bags of ice melt we bought as each storm uses an entire bag for our property.  This can get costly if the storms continue to hit us at this pace. Even our town is already running low on ice melt and opted to only salt the main roads in the last two storms.

The Polar Vortex

Then came the Polar Vortex, which made me nervous because I started thinking about frozen pipes. Thankfully, I got some tips from the local news and I shared them here.  I followed them and avoided any issues with frozen pipes but it was something to be concerned about as we heard from others that their pipes were freezing.

The Sump Pump

Now we have another issue brewing.  This week my husband noticed that our sump pump in the basement made a loud noise.  We have been keeping an eye on it to see what’s going on.  We noticed that the sump pump hole has slowly been filling up with water but the pump is not turning on.  We just had a drenching storm on Saturday and the hole is about half full.  We think the pump stopped working! Ugh, Great!  We called a waterproofing company to come check it out.  We’re hoping this does not turn into a huge issue and ends up costing us a ton of money to repair.

Missing being a Renter

So far this little fixer upper home has costs us a pretty penny to repair, upgrade and maintain.  Right now I’m not feeling too good about it and I’m really missing the days when I was a renter and had no worries about home maintenance costs.  I didn’t have to worry about shoveling snow or running off to home depot to buy more ice melt.  I didn’t give it a second thought when a big storm of snow or water was headed our way.  I never worried about things breaking down because all was taken care of by just calling my building manager. The building management company was decent and always took care of the surroundings and any issues promptly.  Life was pretty good actually.   My rent included heating and cooking gas costs and my electric bill was low.  My apartment was located in a great area overlooking a park and with access to great restaurants and easy access to public transportation.

I’m starting to wonder why I decided to move and buy a home in the first place?  I mean it’s kind of been one worry after another lately and the big hits to our bank accounts are not helping the matter.  I’m not feeling too lovey dovey about being a homeowner right now.  I guess this is part of the learning curve and growing pains as first time homeowners.

We shall see what happens once we get our questions answered about the sump pump situation.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will be an easy fix.

If you’re a homeowner, have you ever felt frustration or questioned buying in the first place?



The Growing Pains of Homeownership — 29 Comments

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I wasn’t too keen on being a homeowner after stuff starting breaking down and all the fees we had to pay on taxes every month. I will say it does get better.We are finally making a profit off the house by renting it to someone else and things sort of cleared up for now. Heres hoping they stay that way
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  2. I knew there was a reason why we bought a brand new home with our first purchase. We didn’t have to deal with many issues when we bought our home. Now, we have had some maintenance issues, but those were fixed. I like owning my home because of the flexibility. Yes, it does require that you attend to the issues, but I also get to make any changes that I deem necessary. Plus, I need a place to store my grown up toys! It will get better, especially once you learn how to deal with all the stresses!
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    • Yeah, old homes need lots of repairs so maybe we should have gone for something newer. My husband says the same thing about it being more flexible and I agree.

    • Oh sorry to hear that. Yes, some things cannot wait such as losing power and flooding basements. Always have to be ready for any emergency.

    • Thanks Laurie. I have been debating Buying vs Renting even before I bought this house. Renting is winning right now.

    • My friend was telling me recently about having issues with her building manager giving her a hard time about fixing her frozen pipes. I was actually lucky at my last apartment rental. They were very responsive and never gave me a hard time about repairs. But if you have a bad landlord it could definitely be a nightmare to rent.

  3. The Polar Vortex seems like a bad time to own a home! The house I’m renting in had trouble with frozen pipes and that was a real struggle for the owner. It made me glad to be renting at the moment instead of owning and having to deal with all of that!
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    • I know that extreme weather takes a toll on homes. So glad it’s over and I hope it doesn’t return for another 20 years!

  4. I’ve felt this SO many times! I’ve had issues with our sewer drain-out AND the city’s storm drain got overwhelmed by a massive storm last Spring and flooded our basement (thankfully our sump pump worked and we were home so we got it cleaned up quick). Renting definitely has it’s perks. Unfortunately you don’t realize it fully until you own a house and are no longer a renter.
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    • Good Thing you were home. This happened to us when the water heater started leaking but we were home and we cleaned it up quickly. So true, the perks of renting are sometimes taken for granted.

    • I’m hoping for the same. So many big things have broken down at our home and been replaced already that there is not much left.

  5. I had a similar sump pump problem in our old house but luckily it was a simple fix. Assuming your model is similar to mine, there is a floater attached to the pump and when the water level in the hole rises so does the floater. When it reaches a certain level it turns on the pump. What happened to mine is that the floater got stuck and wasn’t rising with the water level. It was a two-second fix that cost nothing at all to fix!
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    • You were very lucky that it was a quick fix for you. Unfortunately, our sump pump died and had to be replaced. But now we have a much powerful one and some other issues we had with the old one where fixed too. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Yes, I have to stay positive. You are certainly right about enduring through the major repairs. There is not much else left to replace inside the house but unfortunately our savings have taken a big hit all at once. Thanks for stopping by.

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    • You have been indeed very lucky with that. Hopefully, we will catch a break this year. Last year was rough though the repairs costs were relatively small.