How to Prepare for Home Improvements

If you’re a homeowner you know this already, home improvements never end. When we bought our fixer upper in 2012 we did a big renovation project that covered many of the major areas in our home such as, kitchen, bathroom and new flooring. Since then we’ve had to replace the water heater, sump pump and air conditioning.  The fact is that owning a home requires maintenance and repairs.  Below I discuss some of my lessons learned and ideas on how to prepare for home improvements. Decide What Type of Home You Want It all starts with what type of home … Continue reading

My Story: From Renter to Homeowner

My dream of becoming a homeowner started about 10 years ago.   After renting for all of my adult life, I was growing tired of sharing the laundry room, parking spaces and walls.  I was really looking forward to some of the perks of homeownership. Finding the right rental At the time, my husband and I were not ready to become homeowners but we knew we had to start planning for it. Our first rental after getting married was in an urban area where the rent was low and all utilities were included.  We lived there for about 3 years but … Continue reading

Around the House: My Favorite Things

The unofficial start of Summer has arrived and it seemed that everyone was preparing their homes for the season this past weekend.  One of the things we had to do was install our window air conditioners as the temperature rose to 80+.  Last year we had a family member help us with it and we just kind of watched.  This year we did it our selves and it was a bit tricky at first but then I said, “we should look for a video on You Tube”.  Sure enough there were quite a few.  Below are the two videos that … Continue reading

Home Buyers Remorse: Selling after one year

A few weeks ago I heard that a couple I know put their home up for sale after just one year of becoming homeowners. They bought a home in the same town as me a few months after I did. They were first time home buyers as well. Their home was a short sale and had several offers on the table but they were still able to buy it at a low price which appeared to be a great deal for them.   I started wondering what happened? Why are they selling so soon?  I found out later that they … Continue reading