The Perks of Homeownership

I’ve written a few post lately about things that I’m not too fond of when it comes to being a homeowner.  Writing about the realities of home renovations and surprise repairs can be a little pessimistic though I like sharing my experiences so that others can do better and gain some knowledge from what I have gone through.  But today I want to share the things that I love about having my own home. 🙂 More Space Ah, this one is really the main reason we bought our home in the first place.  We had been renting a one bedroom … Continue reading

Uncommon Things to consider while House Hunting

Last week I wrote about my home related projects and how I will have to pay over $3,000 to replace a retaining wall in my property.  This got me to thinking, if I knew then what I know now would I have passed on this house?  To be honest, I didn’t consider this when I was in the market to buy.  I mean, who’s thinking about retaining walls when they’re house hunting? If you’re buying a fixer upper, like I did, you probably expect to be making the typical updates, remodeling the kitchen, bathrooms and flooring.  However, as a first … Continue reading

A Backhoe Saved our Backs!

Old man winter has been tough this year.  This week we had another 14 inches of snow in the northeast! In total we have had 55 inches of snow this winter season.  We have another five inches headed our way on Tuesday.  It seems like there is no end in sight. We ended up having to call someone to come help us move 14 inches of heavy wet snow on Friday because there was no way we could have done that our selves. The guy we called is a friend of a family member so he gave us what I … Continue reading

There’s Nothing Wrong with Renting

Although I’m a homeowner, I’m not one of those people who thinks that you’re throwing away money by renting.  I think every situation is different and you should base your decision of buying a home on your individual circumstances. Last weekend I was talking to a dear friend and she was telling me that she was getting some pressure from her mother because she was still renting.  My friend’s mother enjoys real estate and has several properties that she rents for income. She’s been doing this for over 20 years.  My friend is not against being a homeowner but she … Continue reading

Emergency Fund: Why Every Homeowner Needs One

I’ve written a few posts about our home maintenance costs and surprise repairs that have been needed for our home in the past year.  Last year we had to replace our air conditioning and water heater.  Just a couple of weeks ago we had to replace the sump pump.  The total cost of these repairs was $2,125. Thank Goodness for our Home Emergency Fund As a homeowner it is essential to have an emergency fund.  If it wasn’t for our emergency fund we would have incurred additional debt to pay for those home repairs.  And who wants that?   We’re in the process of … Continue reading