Important Tips to avoid Frozen Pipes in your Home

Avoid Frozen PipesAs most of you know the major part of the United States is being blanketed by arctic temperatures right now. The low today in my town was 3 degrees with a wind chill factor of -15.  The same is expected for tomorrow.

While watching the local news a report came on about how homeowners could avoid frozen pipes during this extreme cold spell.  I had been concerned about this myself since this is my first time dealing with such low temperatures as a homeowner.  I wrote them down and thought I would share with all of you.

Here are the recommendations from the licensed plumber that was interviewed.

  1. Drip your faucets to avoid sitting water from freezing
  2. Keep your vanity or kitchen sink doors open to get the heat from the house in there
  3. Do not lower your thermostat before going to bed.  Normally I do this but the advice is to keep the house warm so that the pipes stay warm in this extreme cold.
  4. Pull down blinds on windows to conserve heat
  5. Insulate your pipes in the basement to prevent pipes from bursting
  6. Know where the water main shutoff valve is located. So in case you have a pipe that bursts you can shut it down quickly.

I followed these tips last night and so far no frozen pipes at my house.  Knock on wood!  I had previously insulated some of my pipes so that was one less thing I had to do from the list.  We have another night of below freezing temperatures (right now it’s 10 degrees outside and it feels like -7) and I plan on following these tips again. It’s always good to have these tips on hand for whenever a cold spell hits.

I hope these tips help you avoid frozen pipes in your home. Please share these tips with others and stay warm!

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Important Tips to avoid Frozen Pipes in your Home — 17 Comments

  1. We had our pipes freeze last month during a bought of extreme cold. They were in another part of the home that is being remodeled, so is currently unheated. That was not fun.

    Another tip is that if you ever do have to replace pipes, do it with PEX which can survive a freeze. I know firsthand!
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    • Great tip, Thanks. I didn’t know about PEX. Sorry to hear about your pipes freezing. Would love to hear how you brought them back to life.

    • Yes, this is another issue homeowners need to worry about and be vigilant when an extreme cold snap comes around.

    • Ugh, that’s terrible. We have an electric heater running in a cold room we have in the basement just as prevention.

  2. Thanks for the tips! We’ve had some issues with the pipes in our kitchen sink freezing. It’s scary because that is such an expensive problem if the pipe bursts. We need to look at the insulation on that side of the house. Ugh. I wish it was warm again.
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    • I hear ya. I’m over this polar vortex! Just have to do what you can to prevent those pipes from bursting.

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