Jury Duty and Lawn Weeds

Jury DutyJury Duty

This week I’m attending Jury Duty.  Actually, my first day was today.  I was not called for any trials so it was a pretty boring day.  I, however, was pleasantly surprised that the courthouse is completely brand new and now they have a multi car parking deck.  In doors it was very nice too, with plenty of rooms to spread out and a separate computer room for those who want to work.


At first, we were all packed in one room like sardines in order to complete the orientation but then we were able to spread out to the other waiting areas.  Each room had several flat screen TVs with your choice of HGTV, ESPN or CNN.  This is a huge improvement from my last stint at Jury Duty about 9 years ago.  I have not been called to Jury Duty for 6 years and back then my attendance was cancelled so I never even had to go. In my state you can be called for Jury Duty once every 3 years so I guess I’ve been lucky.  Today we got almost a two-hour lunch so I ran back home for some lunch.  I read that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the most busy in my county. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Lawn Weeds

Now that spring has officially arrived I’m seeing a lot of weeds in my yard.  I was wondering, what strategies do you have to kill those annoying little dandelions?  I have no experience with lawns or yard work so I’ll have to read up on it.  We also have a large patch of dirt where the grass did not grow back so we have to work on that as well.  I was thinking of maybe just installing pavers on that patch since it’s on the side walk.  Plus it’s no maintenance.  Our property has a lot of lawn which is really a downside as we don’t really like to do yard work.

Last year we got rid of a few bushes and ended up with a huge patch of dirt that needed to be seeded.  We spread the seeds in July and the grass grew nicely in about 3 weeks but it involved watering every night.  I didn’t enjoy that because mosquitoes were everywhere and we don’t have a lawn sprinkler.  We also need to buy a hose reel.  Any suggestions on that? 

Have you ever attended Jury Duty? How was your experience? 

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Jury Duty and Lawn Weeds — 23 Comments

  1. I have actually never been called for jury duty and I have a bad feeling that when I do I will be selected for something that will consume my life. I think I am the only one from my group of friends that has not been called. Maybe there isn’t much going on in my county. Sounds like so far it is going well for you!
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  2. I’ve never had to serve. Both times when l called the night before, l was told they already had enough people. As for the weeds, when we first moved to Houston, we had little grass, we put out the seeds and those little birds ate them, but finally managed to grow after months. We didn’t really know they were mostly weeds till my husband pulled one and it went for what seemed like a mile..lol! We just left them and would just mow it every so often. Once in a long while, we would hire a gardner to deal with it.
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    • That’s pretty good. I was wondering if the birds would eat my seeds but I don’t think they did as the seeds grew nicely last year.

  3. My wife got called to serve on Jury Duty once….after which she wished she could become a professional juror. The case she got assigned to was a huge drug bust case, so I’m sure it was pretty interesting. Getting rid of those weeds (I mentioned this in my response to your comment over at Enemy Of debt too) really takes three things:

    1.) weed killer to kill the weeds
    2.) fertilizer to feed the grass (weeds can’t grow if the grass is thick)
    3.) water the lawn – if you don’t water your grass, it will go dormant in the hot months, and cause weeds to return.
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    • At least she got on an interesting case. Thanks for the tips for the lawn. I guess I can’t stop watering my lawn. I should buy some kind of sprinkler.

  4. I’ve never had jury duty but as a former polysci major I actually would really enjoy it :0 I know, that’s a crazy thing to say. As far as weeds I think doing some ‘weed and feed’ fertilizer should do the trick. It essentially grows the dandelions to death. My lawn needs a lot of help this year and I’m considering just ripping up some areas of grass and re-seeding.
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    • Most people I’ve interacted with so far do not want to be there. So you would be the exception. Ha!

  5. I’ve been called to Jury duty but have never been asked to serve as a juror. I don’t really mind it though many seem to try really hard to get out of it. It’s 9 to 5 and sometimes they let us out earlier. I live close to the courthouse and I still get paid so I spend my time reading or surfing the web so I don’t really mind. And like DC, I think I might actually find it interesting.
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    • Well, I was called for a trial today but did not get picked yet. It was an all day event of finding the right jurors. I didn’t enjoy it at all. I sat in the judge’s courtroom all day as they went down the list of about 75 jurors. I have to return tomorrow because they still don’t have the right 8 jurors. This part is not fun at all.

  6. I think I was called once, but I was still in college, so I was able to avoid it. I know my mom used me as an excuse to get out of it back when I was younger. I majored in Criminal Justice so I always thought it would be interesting to go, as long as the case wasn’t boring!
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    • Today the judge told us the case I was called up for is an interesting one. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. I hope the jury selection goes quickly.

  7. Forget trying to dig those dandelions out. Get “weed be gone” and spray the hell out of them otherwise they’ll just spread and come back heavier every year.

    • Wow, that is great. Yesterday alone there were over 400 jurors in attendance at the courthouse. Today I was dismissed from the trial but they went through over 50 jurors before they found the right combination. I wish the process could be more steamed lined. The good news is that I’m now done with my service. Yay!

    • I just bought the ortho weed b gone today. Gonna kill those nasty weeds tomorrow!