October Progress Report: 3rd Quarter Results

Quarterly ReportHi All,

Sorry, I’ve been M.I.A around here.  Life got a little hectic and I just didn’t get around to blogging or commenting much this past month.   I’ll be working on a few requested posts from my readers regarding being a Caregiver and I also got a few requests to update the post I wrote about Page Plus Cellular.  So, I’ll be working on those for you.  But today I’m back to provide an update on my 2014 financial goals. Let’s get to it.

Reduce Expenses

Groceries – My average grocery bill from July to September was $553.88.  This includes house items such as cleaning supplies so it’s not just the food we eat.  My goal was to spend $500/month so this was a disappointing result for this quarter.  This is usually what happens when things get hectic.  I didn’t have the time to plan my meals as much especially in the month of August.  I can see from my excel sheet that was the month that put me way over.  The good news is so far I’m back on track.

Car Insurance – My car insurance bill came in September and was paid for on October 1.  I’m happy to say that the rate did not increase.  I’m still saving over $400/for the next six months so the switch to Gieco was well worth it. 😉

Cable – I’ve been debating for the last few months whether or not to keep my cable or cut the cord.  My contract is up this month and so far I’ve cut the bill down by $30/month by downgrading to the lowest tv package and I think that has been a nice balance of a few cable channels combined with local channels.  I think for now I’ll keep this going and perhaps a goal for 2015 can be cutting the cord completely.

Debt Repayment

Our consumer debt stems from our home renovations back in 2012 when we first bought our house. We started with a total debt of $18k and it is now at $7,392.  That is currently on a 0% interest credit card until July 2015. This should be knocked out by then.


I had mentioned earlier in the year that I was saving to replace a retaining wall in my back yard that would cost $6,000.   Well I’m happy to say that we have achieved the savings goal but we decided to hold off on replacing it until next spring.  The wall looks a bit weak but I’ve spoken to my contractor and he feels it could wait a few more months.  For now I’d rather keep the cash on hand in case something more major needs repair in the home.

I think the progress we’ve made this year on cutting back, paying down debt and increasing savings has been great.  It’s been a true learning experience and I’ve been so pleased to find out that making just a few small changes hear and there has been pretty easy and painless.  I think what has made it doable is having moderation in all of our financial goals.


How have you been doing with your 2014 financial goals?


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October Progress Report: 3rd Quarter Results — 5 Comments

  1. Sorry to hear about the hectic pace. Hopefully, it will get better. Your grocery bill took a hit, but l am sure it will right itself soon. Our budget has luckily been good. We are finding it much cheaper here. I’m gearing up to do a cost of living post. How is it going with the head hunters ?
    Kemkem recently posted…Florence, Italy – Memories of our getawayMy Profile

    • That’s interesting that you find Spain cheaper. My sister just expressed some interest in visiting southern Spain. You know I’ve been thinking of going next year but I was focusing on Madrid or Barcelona. Now, I’m thinking Andalusia is the place to go. What do you think?

      Been making lots of connections and a few interviews. It’s definitely time consuming.Thanks for asking.

    • I’m kinda doing the same too. I’ve been paying just a little over the minimum due for now and bulking up my savings account instead. Once the expiration on the 0% gets closer I plan on sending in a big payment.