One Year of Blogging: It’s Been Educational

One year ago today I clicked on the publish button and I officially became a blogger.  It’s been educational to say the least.  I’ve learned so much about blogging in this first year and I still have much more to learn.  To continue in this journey you have to really enjoy blogging. Otherwise, you will soon quit because it can get lonely out here.  Thankfully, I’ve had great company.

Here are my favorite things about blogging

You Never Stop Learning: I have learned a great deal about early retirement, ways to save on cellphones, groceries, home maintenance, how to invest, travel hacking and credit card churning. The list goes on and on.

Gaining Support from other Bloggers:  My fellow bloggers have been supportive in reading my posts and sharing them with their audience.  You have also written insightful comments, which I truly appreciate.  My first comment came from Erika from Newlyweds on a Budget. Thank you so much.

Being part of such a great community:  I often talk about the posts I read with my hubby.  It’s weird how you become part of this online community but it’s really the best part about blogging.

My Most Popular Posts

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Thank You

I’d like to thank all of those who have supported this little blog along the way, especially those who have featured my posts or added my blog to your blogrolls.

Young Adult Money

Frugal Rules

Rockstar Finance

Financially Blonde

The Frugal Farmer

CNA Finance


Money Mini Blog

Budgeting for More

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Canadian Budget Binder

Shaking the Money Tree

It’s been a year so please forgive me if I forgot to mention anyone who has featured my posts.  I could not have gotten this far without your support. Thank you for spreading the word! 🙂

Paying it Forward

Just as I’ve received the support from all you I’m happy to congratulate and support my fellow blogger Shannon from Financially Blonde this week as she launches her book Train Your Way To Financial Fitness which is now available.  In her book she focuses on three financial types and she cleverly describes each type like this:

A Financially Fit person is one who lives within their means and makes smart money choices consistently.

A Financially Skinny person is someone who lives paycheck to paycheck or can’t seem to get ahead on their goals.

A Financially Fat person is someone who has too little cash and / or too much debt.

Shannon is dedicated to helping those in their 20s and 30s who are just starting out to build wealth while also managing debt.  If you need guidance in your journey to financial fitness this is the book for you, so check it out.

Thank you all and here’s to another year of financial education courtesy of all the great personal finance bloggers out there.


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    • Thanks Shannon. Sure thing, appreciate the support you have given me as well in my first year of blogging. I wish you all the best with your new book!

    • Hey Thomas, I kinda did take a break without planning for it. Life got a little hectic around here but I’ll be posting this week. Thanks for checking in! 🙂