Our move during Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

This weekend marked our one year anniversary move in date.  October 27, 2012 was the day we finally moved into our first home. We had just gone through 3 months of home renovations and my husband and I were eager to start living in our new home.  Well, as I mentioned in my about page we live in Northern New Jersey.  A day before we where scheduled to move we learned that New Jersey would be directly hit by Hurricane Sandy.  This, of course, was rough timing and added additional stress to our moving plans.

The Move and Preparation for Hurricane Sandy

We had  set our move date weeks prior to learning about the impact of Hurricane Sandy so we had many things already in place such as the moving truck, helpers, etc. Hurricane Sandy was scheduled to make impact the evening of October 29th so we had a little time to make the move and settle in.  We started our move the morning of October 27th and by early afternoon we were pretty much done. The next day, Sunday, we rushed over to our old apartment to finish cleaning up and turn in the keys.  Next, we made a run over to Home Depot to get some batteries and flashlights but guess what?, all the shelves were empty!  We had to make do with what we had. So, we dug through our boxes looking for items we needed in case we lost electricity at our house.  We made a run to the supermarket, gas station and the bank.  It was a hectic Sunday but we had to get ready.

We spent the rest of Sunday evening and Monday hunkered down, unpacking and watching the news.  Hurricane Sandy arrived late Monday night.  I remember the howling winds and the lights flickering.  This was just our third night at the house so we were worried about what would happen in terms of floods, loss of power, down trees, and how these events would affect our home.

The Aftermath

Tuesday morning came and the storm had passed.   We lost power for several hours but that was pretty much it.  We were very lucky compared to others in our state.  Especially those with homes on or near the Jersey Shore. Many people in our town lost power for over a week and it was difficult to get around due to all the down trees blocking the roads.  Curfews were set by many towns and even Halloween was cancelled due to the dangerous power lines still on the ground. Then came the shortage of gas to fill our cars. That situation quickly grew to desperation for many trying to get back to work.  My husband waited for 2 hours to fill up his tank.  Eventually, our governor had to implement an odd and even day gas rationing system to alleviate matters.

The days after hurricane Sandy had also turned very cold.  We reached out to family and friends who didn’t have heat due to loss of electricity and we were able to help a friend and her family who had lost power for more than a week by having them stay with us.

Many people lost their homes during this natural disaster and some are still recovering from the aftermath.  Our move during Hurricane Sandy was stressful because we didn’t know what to expect as new homeowners. We were worried that everything we had worked on could be ruined but we are thankfully that we survived our first major storm in our new home practically unscathed.

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Our move during Hurricane Sandy — 11 Comments

  1. I can’t imagine how stressful that was! Hurricane Sandy was pretty scary for us. I live on Long Island and we lost power for about four days or so. I went to work just because the building actually had power. One of my relatives had to renovate her entire house due to the flooding. One of my bosses had his car totaled. It was just a horrible event. Glad everything turned out well for your new home, though!
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    • Hi, thanks for stopping by. Yes, we were very lucky compared to what others had to deal with. You just never know how things will go with a hurricane. I’m glad that this october the weather is finally calm. Our area needs a break after dealing with 2 major october storms 2 years in a row.

  2. Wow.. Great read. I can imagine that was likely very frightening for you guys, especially since you probably didn’t know your surroundings or your new neighbors very well.

    When we moved into our current neighborhood, our old neighborhood was hit by a tornado just 3 days after we moved. We had lived their over seven years, so the timing was crazy. The neighborhood had some tree damage, but just a few blocks away there was some massive damage. We considered ourselves incredibly lucky.
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    • Yes, it was. We were really worried about some huge neighboring trees that are right on our property line. Thankfully nothing happened with that. Storms are so unpredictable. I’m glad that you and your family escaped that tornado in the nick of time.

    • Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean for that. I was just reflecting on my move in anniversary date this past weekend and I remembered how stressful it was because of the hurricane. It’s definitely something to be grateful for as we look back on this 1 year anniversary of hurricane sandy.

    • Hi Alicia, thanks for stopping by. Yes, we have gotten hit by a few nasty storms in Jersey the last couple of years. I’m thankful that we are getting a break finally. Then again, who knows what the winter might bring.

  3. Am reading that story and imagining all the things that could have gone wrong, but thankfully none did and you are safe and sound down the line! Its certainly scary facing the uncertainty and possible financial loss due to a natural calamity…I guess what one can do is prepare in advance and pray the worst passes by without unleashing its fury.
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