Page Plus Cellular: My Experience One Year Later

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UPDATE: Please note that Kitty Wireless has gone Out of Business.  I am no longer with this provider.  During my time with them I had no issues except for my last month in which they overcharged my account (a refund was provided).  I’m currently back with Verizon Wireless while I find a new MVNO.

One year ago this week I decided to take the plunge and go with a prepaid MVNO service for my cell phone needs.  After some research I decided to go with Page Plus Cellular because they are a Verizon Wireless MVNO provider and I did not want the added expense of purchasing a new phone. I have an iphone 4s, BTW and I plan to keep it until it dies. 😉

I wrote about my experience making the move and how it went on my first month here.  This post has been the number one post on my blog with over 10,000 views.  Now with a year under my belt I figured it was the perfect time to give an update on my experience.

Page Plus Cellular

I’m happy to inform that it was the best move I could have made.  At first I did have my concerns because I didn’t know what to expect.  I had read some concerning things about customer service but I honestly have not had one issue to speak of.  No issues with dropped calls, no issues with billing, no issues with texting, no issues with customer service.  The service has been excellent. I really have experienced  no difference other than the massive amount of money I’m saving on a monthly basis.

I’m on the TNT $29.95 plan which includes 1200 voice minutes, 3000 text messages and 500 mb data. This plan is more than enough for my usage so I plan to stay with it moving forward.   I went from paying $118/month to $32.95/month (with service fee included). That’s a savings of over $1,000 for the year!

Honestly, this is like the best kept secret in MVNOs.  Having Verizon coverage for this amount of money is pretty sweet and being able to keep my beloved iphone 4s is even sweeter.   I have told a few of my friends about it ever since I made the switch and they couldn’t believe how much I was paying for Verizon coverage.  A few of them made the switch and are loving it.

Kitty Wireless

If you read my post from last year you can see that I went through a dealer to make the switch.  I chose Kitty Wireless after reading about their excellent service.  I’m so happy I did as I’ve had no issues with them either.  I’m setup on autopay with them and it has been smooth sailing from the start.  The are great as well to stay informed or to get answers to any questions.

Changes at Page Plus Cellular

You might have read about the changes over at Page Plus but if you haven’t here is what went down last year.  Page Plus Cellular was acquired by TracFone Wireless, a subsidiary of America Movil. Since then, they have made some changes to the plans provided. Now they offer two unlimited data plans and also added a global calling card to the mix.  Pay as you go remains the same.

However, the biggest change has been that now they offer 4G LTE.  This means that you can now bring your own 4G phone right over with no flashing required.   Actually, they don’t allow flashing anymore.  You just need to purchase a sim card which you can order from the Page Plus website.

Here are the plans:


9 global calling card


pay as you go


So there you have it.  If you’re on the market to switch to a prepaid cellular service I highly recommend Page Plus Cellular.  Not only will you save tons of money but you will have access to the best cellular coverage out there.

(Please Note: I was NOT compensated for this review)

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Page Plus Cellular: My Experience One Year Later — 7 Comments

    • These phones are just too expensive to be upgrading every year or two. I’m glad I didn’t get into that bad cycle.

  1. Awesome! I saw that TracFone was allowing people to transfer their phones over. My mom has been with them for years and never had any issues. I have an old iPhone 4s still sitting around (I meant to sell it, but by now it’s probably not worth much), and I was thinking of giving it to my dad so he could activate it on TracFone’s network.
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    • Oh I think your iphone 4s is definitely worth something. I’ve seen them being sold between $70 and $300 depending on the gb and condition. Many people don’t care about being on 4g. If you don’t give it to your dad you should definitely sell it. Check out

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  3. These no contract plans are the way to go! I’ve been with Virgin Mobile for about ten years. No problems. Last summer I upgraded to the iPhone 5s. I pay $30 a month, and it’s been great! I’m trying to find a pay as you go plan for my husband as Virgin no longer has those. He doesn’t even use his phone enough to warrant spending $20 a month on their pay as you go plan. My husband needs a flip phone and I didn’t see one on the Page Plus site. Can I buy one from Verizon?