Pride of Home Ownership

pride of homeownershipI’ve been thinking lately about the pride of home ownership.  Since we became homeowners last year we have done quite a bit of renovations.  It was a fixer upper but we saw the potential in it and we liked that we could make it our own.  We take pride in keeping it clean and well maintained both inside and out.  

When we first started our home search we visited many homes that were not presented in their best light. We were actually shocked that people expected to sell their home and didn’t even care to clean it or make it presentable to others.  I’m talking about pretty basic things such as sweeping, mopping, dusting and de-cluttering.

The importance of a well kept home

I remember visiting a home where they allowed the dog to do all of its necessities in the backyard and I found myself with an unpleasant surprise on my shoes.  Even our realtor would say,” try to ignore the mess and focus on the possibilities of the house”.  Well, that was difficult to do and I could see how some of these people were not selling their homes.

Now that we are homeowners we know that it takes a lot of diligence, to keep a home clean and in working order inside and out but we take pride in our home.  We know that taking care of it will preserve the value and quality of our investment.  It’s also important for our neighbors to do the same and for the most part they do. That is nice to see as it really makes a difference in the entire neighborhood when everyone takes care of their property, which in turn attracts similar buyers to the neighborhood.  

Not all neighbors take the same pride

We have noticed a couple of neighbors get a little lazy at times and don’t really care for some aspects of their homes.  For example, one of our neighbors has some overstuffed gutters and never took the time to clean them out in the fall.  I can only imagine what kind of damage that could be causing to the home.

Another neighboring home was purchased during the summer and renovated by the new homeowner. Apparently, the person bought it as an investment and has now put it back on the market for resale. One thing we noticed is that the front steps were not restored properly.   The improvements she made were nice but the front steps look very cheap and even her contractor told us they would not last.  It appears that she ran out of money but I’m sure she will take a hit from the sale of the property once an inspector sees the shoddy work done on those steps.  

Pride in home ownership pays off

Again, where is the pride of home ownership? I know that in this case she’s not keeping the home but if I were flipping houses I would want my product to be of high quality, not only for my reputation but also so that I can obtain the highest return on investment.  

We all want the value of our homes to increase so why wouldn’t we take care of one of our most valuable assets?



Pride of Home Ownership — 20 Comments

    • Your landlord is very lucky to have you as tenants. Most tenants would not care about maintaining a home that is not theirs.

  1. If you own a home, you NEED to take pride in it. There is a ton of work involved if you want to keep your home nice (especially if you don’t have a ton of money to spend), but I think it would just get frustrating NOT taking pride in home ownership. It’s too bad to hear about the person running out of money on her flip. That’s one reason I’m scared to get into that biz.
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…How I am getting a free $400 for travel in the New YearMy Profile

    • Yes, it is a lot of work and it does cost money to repair or replace certain things but it doesn’t cost much to keep a house clean. That was my biggest pet peeve while house hunting, how people did not care about having a clean home. I agree, flipping houses is a little scary to me too. After going through my home renovations last year I know first hand how quickly money runs out. It’s a shame this happened to this lady, she may be a newbie flipper.

  2. My wife and I take pride in our home, but we are overshadowed by the lack of pride in our neighbors. They don’t care and much of the neighborhood took a crash with the real estate bust. It it really affecting how our area looks. We will continue to make our house shine though.
    Grayson @ Debt Roundup recently posted…Why I Hate Holiday ShoppingMy Profile

    • Hi Grayson, thanks for stopping by. That’s a shame that your neighbors don’t care about their properties. Good for you and your wife for not letting this stop you from having a well-kept home.

  3. Lack of maintenance can come back to bite with a vengeance. As you mentioned, clogged gutters can lead to grief, such as mold and wood rot as water goes where it shouldn’t. Poorly built or maintained front steps not only look bad, but can lead to injury lawsuits if a person falls due to the owner’s negligence.
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    • Hi Bryce, thanks for your comment. I agree, those shoddy front steps decreased the curb appeal of the home. I hope the new owner will take the time to repair them properly.

  4. I am surprised at people that dont take pride. Im proud I have the nicest house on the street. Even as a renter I treated the rental as I would my own. Now I do let my pets use the bathroom backyard but thats why I bought this house with abackdoor that opened onto the backyard, so I didnt have to walk my dogs everytime they had to go. Im mean its nature. Thats what mulch is and the birds, squirrals etc. do it, so why not a pet. Thats crazzzzy. But I do have no shoes in the house rule and I have my crocs for the backyard, just in case. Its no big deal for me.

    • Unfortunately, how your neighbors maintain their home does affect property values if you are a home owner.

  5. I think my neighbors feel like the Clampetts moved next door. We’re going some reno’s, so the pile of junk and the tile cutting on the front porch go hand in hand [….]
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    • I know what you mean. We went through that last year when we bought our house. 3 months of renos was not pretty.