Page Plus Cellular: My Experience One Year Later

UPDATE: Please note that Kitty Wireless has gone Out of Business.  I am no longer with this provider.  During my time with them I had no issues except for my last month in which they overcharged my account (a refund was provided).  I’m currently back with Verizon Wireless while I find a new MVNO. One year ago this week I decided to take the plunge and go with a prepaid MVNO service for my cell phone needs.  After some research I decided to go with Page Plus Cellular because they are a Verizon Wireless MVNO provider and I did not want … Continue reading

Around the House: My Favorite Things

The unofficial start of Summer has arrived and it seemed that everyone was preparing their homes for the season this past weekend.  One of the things we had to do was install our window air conditioners as the temperature rose to 80+.  Last year we had a family member help us with it and we just kind of watched.  This year we did it our selves and it was a bit tricky at first but then I said, “we should look for a video on You Tube”.  Sure enough there were quite a few.  Below are the two videos that … Continue reading

Car Insurance: How I’m Saving $428

A couple months ago I finally had it with my car insurance bill from State Farm.  In the past year my bill had gone up by $300 and for no good reason.  We are safe drivers with no driving violations ever and we don’t put very much mileage on our cars.  So I decided to call my agent. Dealing with State Farm When I spoke to my State Farm agent he didn’t have much to say other than, “oh rates have gone up in the state and there is really nothing I can do. If you want you can install … Continue reading

Cyber Security Is Very Much Like Home Security

This is a Guest Post. The author of this blog, who is a good friend of mine, asked me to write a little bit about cyber security. I am a full-time Cyber Security Manager and Consultant at a Fortune 100 company, I wasn’t always a security guy; I was a Software Engineer and Manager for many years.  Spent a long time building computer systems and now I spend my days and evenings trying to keep them safe and secure. Cyber Security in The News There are zillions of news stories about cyber security all over the internet, TV, newspapers and magazines … Continue reading

Page Plus Cellular: How I’m Paying $30 a month for Verizon Coverage

**Check out my one year update here.** As I mentioned previously, one of my goals for 2014 was to reduce my cell phone expenses. My main objective was to save money but I also did not want to buy a new phone.   I currently have an iPhone 4s that is still in excellent condition and I love it.  What I did not love was the price I was paying.  My monthly bill with Verizon was $118.  This included unlimited text/data and 450 minutes of voice calls and cell phone insurance coverage.  I know, ridiculous right?  So, when my contract was … Continue reading