Three Practical Ways we Saved $520 a Month Last Year

Last week I wrote about how we’re saving for our home emergency fund and I mentioned that last year we were able to reduce our expenses by $400 a month.  After doing a year-end review of our finances I realized that the number is actually closer to $520 a month.  So I decided to outline how we did this. Last year we started on a mission to cut back our expenses and use that extra money to pay down our debt.  We have had a nice balance on spending and saving through out the years.  We saved to put 20% … Continue reading

Important Tips to avoid Frozen Pipes in your Home

As most of you know the major part of the United States is being blanketed by arctic temperatures right now. The low today in my town was 3 degrees with a wind chill factor of -15.  The same is expected for tomorrow. While watching the local news a report came on about how homeowners could avoid frozen pipes during this extreme cold spell.  I had been concerned about this myself since this is my first time dealing with such low temperatures as a homeowner.  I wrote them down and thought I would share with all of you. Here are the … Continue reading

Second Degree Burns: How to treat and heal

Special Note:  I am writing this post because it was difficult to find specific articles on second degree burns when I was dealing with this issue.  So I decided to contribute information on this topic by chronicling how I managed to take care and heal from my burns. I wish no one would have to go through this but accidents happen and it’s always good to know what to do in any situation. Warning: This post contains some photos of second degree burns that you may find difficult to look at How I got second degree burns A few months ago … Continue reading