A Backhoe Saved our Backs!

BackhoeOld man winter has been tough this year.  This week we had another 14 inches of snow in the northeast! In total we have had 55 inches of snow this winter season.  We have another five inches headed our way on Tuesday.  It seems like there is no end in sight.

We ended up having to call someone to come help us move 14 inches of heavy wet snow on Friday because there was no way we could have done that our selves. The guy we called is a friend of a family member so he gave us what I considered a very good deal on the snow removal.  We paid $50 to have him clean up our driveway which is pretty long and widens up into a two car driveway towards the end.

Enter the Backhoe

We thought the guy would show up with a regular truck with a snowplow attached to it. While drivewaywe where out shoveling the sidewalk and back patio we saw him pulling into to our driveway with a Backhoe….Ha! 🙂 It made me laugh because I was not expecting this huge piece of equipment but it was perfect for the job.

He was great at maneuvering it back and forth and finished the job in 1 hour.  This would probably have taken us 5 hours to clean up and who knows if we would have injured our backs in the process.  As you can see our driveway in this picture was left nice and clean.  So, we were more than happy to pay $50 for the clean up!

The Danger of Icicles

I keep seeing news reports of roofs buckling under the pressure of the heavy snow and it is scary. Many homes in my neighborhood have icicles hanging from the gutters and gutters are buckling as well.  I heard a news report that heavy ice dams on the gutters can be dangerous and cause water to seep into the home, which can lead to expensive repairs. The permanent solution to this they said is to increase the insulation in your attic but a temporary solution is to fill a pantyhose with ice melt and line up these “sausages” along the gutters.  I thought this was a pretty funny solution but the professional roofer they interviewed said it would help with melting the ice and snow from the gutters.  So, there you have it.  You learn something new everyday as a first time homeowner.

When will the snow end?

mountain of snowWell, this is the mountain of snow we have in our side yard right now.  Don’t know how high this will get before the snow stops coming our way this winter.  We can only hope that we catch a break sometime in the near future as not only our homes are taking a beating but so are the roadways with numerous potholes.  I’ve seen several reports of people blowing out tires and spending hundreds of dollars in repairs. Our budgets are suffering too! We have spent $70 this winter season on ice melt for our property.  Towns are running low or are completely out of ice melt and you cannot find ice melt right now in any home improvement store. Spring cannot get here fast enough!


How are you holding up this winter season?  Are snow related expenses disrupting your budget?



A Backhoe Saved our Backs! — 17 Comments

    • I heard in the news that the midwest is getting slammed as well. I hope we all catch a break soon.

    • I know what you mean. I keep hearing about roofs collapsing in the news due to the weight. The roofer they interviewed in the news did not advise homeowners to take snow off the roofs though. He said most roofs can handle it.

    • Yeah, it has been ridiculous this year the amount of snow. Also, the fact that it has been back to back with hardly any time to allow the previous snow to melt has become a big problem for many. There’s nowhere to put the snow.

  1. Since I live in an apartment, I’ve been spoiled in that I don’t have to shovel. This winter has been rough though. I did have to stay home a few times because of the snow. Didn’t want to drive out there with my 7 month old to drop him off. Apparently it will warm up this week, but there might be heavy rains. Heavy rains + melting snow = flooding. So ready for spring.
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    • I know, I’m so jealous of apartment dwellers that don’t have to shovel. I never used to worry about any of this really until I became a homeowner. I guess it’s the Joys of Homeownership! 🙂

    • The walkways are a real pain too. Our property is wide so we have a long walkway to clear. Not fun!

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