Has Spending Less Changed My Happiness Level?

HappinessIt all began almost two years ago when my husband and I became first time homeowners.  Before that we had always rented.  Our last rental included everything except for electricity so our monthly living expenses were low.  We had plenty of discretionary income to enjoy life’s little luxuries.  However, we grew tired of renting and we decided the time was right for us to buy.

We bought a fixer upper that needed some work and we were fine with that.  As you may know, once you start breaking down walls you never know what you will find.  Well, we quickly went over budget on our renovations.  I’ll admit some of it was our choice because we decided to just get all of the interior renovations finished while the construction crew was here.  Renovations are messy and we just didn’t want to deal with more construction down the line.  After all was said and done, we ended up with an additional $18k of debt from our home renovations.

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Has Spending Less Changed My Happiness Level? — 2 Comments

  1. I think maybe at first, one would feel less happier but will eventually get used to it. After all, seeing the amount of money saved by spending less would definitely more than make for it. Who wouldn’t be happy seeing a big amount of money saved and may be used for something more important? That was one great read and thank you for sharing it.
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