My Sweet Brownie Memories

memories Today’s post is from my husband, Richie, who recently caught the blogging bug and has decided to contribute to the family blog. 

Recently, I went shopping for food at the local supermarket and bought some brownies from the bakery.  It had been years since I had enjoyed a brownie and I was looking forward to having one. When I tried the first one, I was disappointed that I could barely taste the chocolate. It had more of an artificial sugary taste, with some colored sprinkles thrown in. I started to think back on times when I had enjoyed brownies in the past.

My brownie memories as a boy

When I was a little boy, I looked forward to the treats my dad would bring home after work. He enjoyed surprising me with delicious goodies. One day, he brought me a walnut brownie since he knew I loved chocolate.  I tried it with a glass of milk and loved the rich chocolaty taste, along with the sprinkling of walnuts. My father soon realized that this had become my favorite treat. So, whenever he could get them, he would bring me one.

I think I enjoyed the brownies even more because my dad had brought them home especially for me.  I knew how hard he worked every day – long hours at a hospital in New York City. He was showing me that he hadn’t forgotten me, even after a long, stressful day at work.  After dinner, I would enjoy eating the brownie while my dad would tell me about how his day was at work.  My father would describe to me all the challenges he faced.  I would listen carefully and learn about all the sacrifices he made every day to bring food to our table. I grew to admire my dad for all his hard work and in time, I developed the same strong work ethic that has helped me overcome challenges in my adult life.

My quest for the ultimate brownie

Many years have passed since I tried a brownie that I enjoyed.  I had been disappointed the last time I tried one, so I stopped buying them.  Maybe I was comparing the brownies of today to the ones my father would give me as a boy.  It’s probably an unfair comparison because those are fond memories shared with my dad and today’s brownie could never compare to that experience.  Those were special moments we shared.

This Christmas my father will be visiting and will stay with me and my wife in our home. I hope to find some good brownies that I can enjoy with them, and relive some of those fond memories of the past. Instead of telling my dad about my daily challenges at work, I will thank him for being a good father and for being my hero. I will also remind him of those sweet brownie memories we shared so many years ago – memories that live on and only get sweeter with time.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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    • Thank you DC same to you and your family. My husband is very picky when it comes to anything involving chocolate! 🙂

  1. I am sure that the brownies from your childhood tasted so much better because they came with so much love from your dad. Don’t they say that anything prepared, cooked or given with TLC is always better? 😉 But as a brownie person, I too always look for the one that has rich chocolatey taste and moist to perfection. Hmm…yummy!
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