Weekend Update: World Cup Edition

This is my first Weekend Update.  Ok so I stole it from SNL but I just wanted to talk a little bit about my favorite tournament. I have to say I’ve been a little distracted by the World Cup this past month. This Sunday, July 13 is the World Cup Final.  Wow, I can’t believe it’s been one month since the whole tournament started.  Who could have guessed that Germany and Argentina would be the final two teams and who could have predicted the shocking meltdown of the Brazilian Team.  I admit that I knew it would be hard for them … Continue reading

What the World Cup Taught Me About Passion

This post is not about Personal Finance but rather about the passion and inspiration you can find in unexpected places.  It’s also about achieving what you think may be impossible. I love watching the World Cup Tournament and with it being just one week away, I’m really getting excited about it. The FIFA World Cup™ is a Global Soccer competition.  FIFA is short for the Fédération Internationale de Football Assocation. As you know, Soccer is known to the rest of the world as Football.  The World Cup is the most watched sports competition event in the world.  Every four years 32 teams … Continue reading