How to Prepare for Home Improvements

If you’re a homeowner you know this already, home improvements never end. When we bought our fixer upper in 2012 we did a big renovation project that covered many of the major areas in our home such as, kitchen, bathroom and new flooring. Since then we’ve had to replace the water heater, sump pump and air conditioning.  The fact is that owning a home requires maintenance and repairs.  Below I discuss some of my lessons learned and ideas on how to prepare for home improvements. Decide What Type of Home You Want It all starts with what type of home … Continue reading

Lessons Learned in Home Renovations

Last year my husband and I set out to purchase our first home which could either be move in ready or require some home renovations. Our budget was set at $240k and our goal was to find a 3bed/2bath home. Given that prices had come down quite a bit in our area this was completely doable. We had built a healthy nest egg and had been preparing for this purchase for a while. We originally planned on purchasing a home back in 2009 but given the housing bust, economic turmoil and both of us losing our jobs we put that on hold. Fast forward … Continue reading