The Growing Pains of Homeownership

The Snow Storms My homeownership experience this week has been all about worrying. We have been dealing with the wild swing in temperatures including the extreme polar vortex as many of you have.   It’s only the 3rd week of winter and we’ve already had five snowstorms! We don’t have a snow blower so we have been shoveling all of it and I’m pretty much done with it. We also ran out of all the bags of ice melt we bought as each storm uses an entire bag for our property.  This can get costly if the storms continue to … Continue reading

Home Maintenance Costs: Year 1

As I wrote in my previous post our move in date to our newly renovated home was October, 27, 2012. This means that we have now lived a full year in our home.  I had always heard from other homeowners that you should keep a home maintenance budget equal to 1% of the purchase price of the home. Based on this belief we should have $2,090 in our budget to cover home maintenance costs for the year.  This post will outline how much we actually spent this year. Home Maintenance Issues The first item to die was the water heater. … Continue reading