Do you Save for the things you Want?

We all want things whether it is to travel, a home, a car, etc. How many people do you know who actually save to buy the things that they want? Homes A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a couple who is now selling their home after owning it for just one year.  I’m really not sure if they saved or not to purchase the home but I know they only put 5% down to purchase it.  In the end, that couple started to hate their high mortgage payment and ended up with buyer’s remorse.  I know it’s hard to … Continue reading

Pride of Home Ownership

I’ve been thinking lately about the pride of home ownership.  Since we became homeowners last year we have done quite a bit of renovations.  It was a fixer upper but we saw the potential in it and we liked that we could make it our own.  We take pride in keeping it clean and well maintained both inside and out.   When we first started our home search we visited many homes that were not presented in their best light. We were actually shocked that people expected to sell their home and didn’t even care to clean it or make … Continue reading