Cell Phones and Sump Pumps

As I wrote about in my Lesson Learned in 2013 post this year we plan on making the switch from Verizon Wireless to another cell phone provider as our contracts are up and we are paying way to much for their service.  I got some great tips from readers on which plans to consider which I shared with you here. We have now made our choices on which plans we will be switching to. But first here’s an update on the sump pump situation. Update on the Sump Pump Last week I wrote about the growing pains of homeownership and I mentioned … Continue reading

Looking Ahead to 2014

Last week I wrote about Lessons Learned in 2013 and how this year we plan to continue finding ways to save money by reducing our expenses.  This will help us payoff our credit card debt sooner and build a healthier emergency fund. I stated that we will be focusing on two key areas in 2014, groceries and cell phones, and asked for some tips from our readers.  Below are the tips we received in the comments. 1)  Tips on Reducing  Grocery Bill Go grocery shopping every other week and make a list of things you need Go shopping alone Save money … Continue reading