Tips to Avoid Spending Temptations

In my last post I wrote about the importance of staying focused while spending less.  One the strategies I’ve been using is avoiding spending temptations by not going to the shopping mall or other stores unless I have to make a specific purchase.  If you’re working on paying off debt and trying to stay within your budget avoiding unnecessary purchases can make a huge difference in staying on track.   In the comments to my post there were a few tips from readers on what to do with your spare time and avoid spending.  I thought it would a nice … Continue reading

Staying Focused While Spending Less

A few weeks ago I wrote about consuming less in moderation and how the 90+ study shows that it may lead to longer living.   I’ve been working on paying off consumer debt from my home renovations and one of the things I’ve done to help me pay off the debt sooner is to consume or spend less in moderation.  I say in moderation because I left room in my budget for some fun stuff too. I’ve been able to cut $883 dollars from my monthly expenses so far.  I wrote previously that I’m happy spending less because I didn’t cut … Continue reading

Consuming Less in Moderation = Living Longer

I recently  wrote about spending less and my happiness level.  In that post I mentioned that I am happy spending less and the key to my happiness was keeping a balance in my spending.  What I mean is that I didn’t  cut everything fun out of my budget I just spend less in each category. And so I’m still able to enjoy the fun things in moderation. After writing this post I watched a 60 minutes report about the 90+ study.  The study follows the lives of men and women in their 90s to determine what allowed them to live into their … Continue reading