Water Heater Drama…Again!

Happy December everyone! Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.  Mine went well as I decided to host for the very first time. In the end, I cooked my own turkey and survived.  Yay!  However, a week before Thanksgiving I was dealing with some serious water heater drama. Ughhh!

Water Heater

Rusty Water Heater

As I mentioned in a previous post, my home water heater died back in May and we replaced it with a brand spanking new one.  Well you can imagine how surprised I was to see that it had started to rust only after 5 months!  I had called a family member to help us with turning on the furnace for the winter and while he was here he noticed that the cold side of the water heater was all rusted.  He told me I should call the manufacturer to have them send a technician.  Luckily, our water heater has a 2 year full warranty that covers all parts and labor at no cost to us and a 10 year limited warranty that covers parts only.

My husband was put to the task of calling GE to explain our problem.  Dealing with customer service at GE was not a walk in the park.  The call was transferred to three different people before finally reaching a person that could help.

  • On the first call, they gave us the name of a plumber for us to call.  Well, that plumber never got back to us so another call was placed to GE.
  •  On the second call they told us we could hire our own plumber to come check the unit and then we could get reimbursed or we could give the work order number to our plumber so they could bill GE. Well, we did not like these options at all because we felt GE was just passing the buck on to us.  Plus who knows how long reimbursement would take.
  • We called a third time and declined that option and asked them to give us a name of another plumber on their list.Thankfully, this new plumber was responsive and he was able to come out to our house. After inspecting the unit he really didn’t know why the cold side was rusting especially since the unit was just 6 months old.  He submitted the claim to GE and we waited for an approval on the repairs.

After a few days we followed up with the plumber and he informed us that GE had denied our claim. They had stated that the rusting was due to improper installation.  We could not believe they were trying to get away with denying our claim by blaming it on installation.  Really?  GE never physically installs anything so how convenient to just blame it on that.  I was starting to regret buying almost all of our appliances from them.  My husband called GE ready to battle this out.  Well, after a few more calls back and forth between GE, the plumber and my husband we finally got approval on the claim. They agreed to replace the entire unit and cover all labor costs.

We don’t really know why they initially declined the claim.  Apparently there was miscommunication somewhere along the way and somehow they thought our unit was older than 2 years, then they were giving the plumber different information than us. Needless to say, the whole process was very frustrating. We’re relieved that in the end GE stood by their warranty and covered all the charges to replace our unit.

Have you ever had issues when dealing with manufacturer’s warranty?


Water Heater Drama…Again! — 12 Comments

    • I don’t know why they make it so difficult. You would think they want to leave a good impression.

    • I agree about nobody wanting to take resposibility. It’s very frustating when you start to feel like you’re getting the run around. You just have to keep fighting for what’s right.

    • Oh wow, I’ve heard that the water heater should last between 6 to 8 years. I hope we get more than 2 years out of ours.

    • I definitely was not impressed by all the hoops we had to jump through. It should not be this hard to get the service that was guaranteed.