We Want You Back!

Earlier this year I left Verizon Wireless for prepaid cellular service.  Now a few months later Verizon Wireless says they want me back!  I received a promotion for a $45 cellular plan from them.  This got me to thinking why they couldn’t offer this to me when I decided to leave?

What is frustrating is that they could have kept me as a customer if they had only offered this deal before I left rather than telling me, “no, we can’t offer you a better deal”.  In the end they didn’t care about retaining me as a customer.  I meant nothing to them when they had millions of others willing to pay sky high prices.  So, now that customers have left in droves to either prepaid services or other competitors they are all of a sudden able to offer a better deal, Really?

Why is it that so many of these companies take these risks and don’t value their current customers?  I’d like to know why do they wait for customers to get so fed up with high prices, unexplained charges and bad customer service and decide to leave rather than try to do everything possible to keep that customer happy?  I mean don’t they know that it’s cheaper to keep a customer than to gain a new one. I learned that in my Business 101 course in college. Don’t these big corporations know that? Makes you wonder who’s running the show doesn’t it?

I suspect the same thing will happen with cable subscriptions.  I mean the writing is on the wall. People are getting fed up with paying high prices and little by little we are not standing for it. With the growing number of options available as stand alone services people now have more options for entertainment at much lower prices.  So, when will the cable companies come to their senses about lowering their ridiculous prices? I’m sure it will be very soon.  Perhaps by this time next year or sooner I will be getting a letter from Verizon Fios saying, We Want You Back! And at a much lower price. 😉

In today’s economy, it’s very hard to sustain those high monthly payments and it was only a matter of time before customers started demanding lower prices. That’s why I have moved away from contract deals. All though I was never a terrible spender there were areas where I could have saved a lot more than I was.   I know that for myself finding ways to cut back and save money is my new normal.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that these corporations mostly care about their bottom line and very little about saving us money. I’m so glad we are finally doing that for ourselves and showing our true purchasing power.



We Want You Back! — 7 Comments

  1. So true, nowadays there are more competitors competing for the same market share, thus it is more important for companies to have a good customer service and show that even though their price is higher than their competitors, the customers will stay because of the quality of service. Interesting what Verizon did to you, really, maybe they just consulted their business practices and *just* realized they made a mistake?
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    • I suspect they made that “mistake” with a lot of people because they are really pushing this deal now. My husband got it as well right after I did.

    • I think they fell aspleep at the wheel. Not listening to customers is a big mistake for any business.

    • They still can’t beat the deal I have with my prepaid service so no, I will not be returning. 😉