Weekend Update: World Cup Edition

Estadio Maracanã

Estadio Maracanã – Rio de Janeiro

This is my first Weekend Update.  Ok so I stole it from SNL but I just wanted to talk a little bit about my favorite tournament. I have to say I’ve been a little distracted by the World Cup this past month.

This Sunday, July 13 is the World Cup Final.  Wow, I can’t believe it’s been one month since the whole tournament started.  Who could have guessed that Germany and Argentina would be the final two teams and who could have predicted the shocking meltdown of the Brazilian Team.  I admit that I knew it would be hard for them to beat Germany after losing Neymar and the captain Thiago Silva. I even predicted Germany would win that match but I never expected my beloved Brazil to completely fall apart and be crushed by the German tanks 7 to 1!  It was so sad to watch!  ;(

There were some great teams that surprised many fans. Some of my favorites, Colombia, Costa Rica and Chile. Great job by all of them especially Costa Rica and Colombia for making it to the Quarter Finals and going out like champs. Costa Rica was the Dark Horse and held up nicely even when Arjen Robben from The Netherlands pulled his signature move, The Dive. Thankfully Argentina put a stop to that nonsense. 😉

I’m looking forward to the finale closing ceremonies because Shakira will be performing, LaLaLa (Brazil 2014), which is a song she wrote for the World Cup but it was not selected as the official song. Anyway, I think FIFA made a big mistake by not choosing Shakira from the beginning to write and perform the Official World Cup song as the Pitbull song was kind of a bust. You live and learn I guess.  The worldwide fans requested Shakira and now she will be there to close things off properly. People are so excited that someone leaked a rehearsal of her performance in Brazil with Carlinhos Brown. Can’t wait to see it live!

I’m sad to see the tournament come to an end but the memories and inspiration will last a lifetime. Until Russia 2018!

Have a great weekend!

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Weekend Update: World Cup Edition — 13 Comments

    • The spirit of the Colombia team was great. That game was a doozy and the referee was pretty much useless in the match up.

  1. It’s been a great FIFA ! I was impressed with Colombia and l was proud of Nigeria as well. I could not believe the total destruction of Brazil. It was insane! I was in shock for them. I had been rooting for Germany, because my beloved Klose plays for my hubby’s team Lazio and wanted him to score so he could have the new record, so l am sad to say that l enjoyed the match a lot. I think Neymar would not have made that much a difference though..maybe it would have been 5-1 instead, but still pretty bad. Can’t wait to see them play. Either way, whoever wins between Germany and Argentina, we will be happy as each team has 1 Lazio player!!!
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    • I was looking forward to a tighter game. I’m not a fan of blowouts. It’s more exciting when the teams keep you on the edge of your seat biting your nails to see who wins. Ha! I’ll be rooting for Argentina. I hope it’s a tight match.

  2. Go Germany! 😉

    Seriously though, I don’t think Argentina stands a chance. The Argentinians haven’t played a single decent match, just like Brazil. A lot of substandard opponents, lots of luck and one or two sublime flashes from their star players (Messi and Neymar, respectively) gets you through a tournament until you meet a well-organized opponent like Germany.

    The absence of Neymar against Germany didn’t make any difference at all, in my opinion. Brazil’s defense was just horrible. They literally stood there and watched how the German attacks ripped them to shreds. I’ve never seen anything like it at that level. Let’s hope they can redeem themselves tonight because I kinda felt bad for them!

    Totally agree that the FIFA made a big mistake with the offical World Cup song.

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    • I think the loss of Neymar psychologically affected them. You know how sometimes one team member pushes other team members to win just by being there? Lose of concentration was rampant in that game. Of course Silva was more important to have because their defense was horrible. The combination of losing two key members was the demise of a team who was already struggling.

      It should be a good closing now that Shakira is part of it. I’m looking forward to an exciting finale. Go Argentina! 😉

  3. That Brazil game was just awful! It is sad that so many of the matches were real close (and exciting) and that one was just a mess. I know they had some good players out, but still. Anywho, we are sad that the World Cup is coming to an end, but excited that we are going to get season tickets for the NY Sports Club (NY’s new MLS soccer team that is going to play in Yankee Stadium).
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    • I know right? Not fun or exciting at all. Nice, I’ve been wanting to go see a match at the Red Bull Arena here in Harrison, NJ. Maybe now that my hubby is into soccer we can plan something. 😉

    • Yeah, it’s a long tournament. I know my hubby wondered why it was so long but now that it’s over he wishes it lasted longer. He really got into it.

  4. I kind of predicted Germany would win it, and they did. I didn’t watch the final match but considering there was only one goal scored during extra time, Argentina must have fought really hard. I also don’t like Pitbull’s song — so not World Cup. Shakira’s Waka Waka was better, and I think the best one was Ricky Martin’s La Copa De La Vida.
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    • Argentina fought til the end. They had a few missed opportunities which I’m sure they’re regretting now that they were unable to score. But overall it was a great match worthy of a World Cup Final. Ha, funny you mention Ricky Martin’s world cup song because that is my all time favorite. I was talking to a friend about it and we both agreed that no one has been able to match that song. The lyrics were perfect and of course it launched him into becoming an International Super Star after performing it at the Grammys.